-Cannabis Data Science Group, by Juan Cruz Rodriguez-

Real picture of a Gorilla Glue Growlog from Grow with Jane.

Grow with Jane is the mobile application that provides cannabis growers with the necessary tools to take maximum care of their plants. Grow with Jane results in a Swiss Army knife for the home cannabis grower, providing tools from calculators and charts to logging and tracking. Grow with Jane’s users log events related to each plant, and once they harvest, the Growlog can be shared on Grow with Jane’s social network, allowing knowledge to be shared in the community.

Thanks to these publicly shared cultivation records, from a data science approach, we…

-Cannabis Data Science Group, by Juan Cruz Rodriguez-

Remember DeepDream? Yes, the Deep Neural Network (NN) that transformed pictures by adding psychedelic “dream” effects. If not, take a look at Wikipedia’s article.

Non-technical DeepDream’s TL;DR

For a slightly more technical explanation, we recommend the Keras blog.
DeepDream uses a deep convolutional network, named “Inception”, which was trained with the aim of automatically classifying images. DeepDream author Alexander Mordvintsev wanted to know what calculations/transformations the model was performing on the input image when trying to classify it.

Inception’s NN architecture contains ten independent concatenate layers (“Concat”; red boxes in the following figure). By editing…

Juan Cruz Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Cannabis Data Scientist at Good Tree | PhD in Computer Science from FAMAF - UNC

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